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Really? A highland castle in Illinois?

Door Screens


Now you might not at first make the connection between Illinois and the highlands of Scotland. After all – they’re 3,664 miles apart! But this wonderful home – called the Scottish Manor – does just that.

The home has two distinct and magnificently detailed living spaces – one elegantly refined and the other evoking the ambience of an old-world highland castle complete with stone walls and large-scale fireplaces.

French doors with Phantom Screens

Double doors

Double doors – or French doors – are an elegant and stylish addition to any home, but they do pose a problem for traditional screening. Because they create a wide opening and the doors open the aperture fully, there’s no place for fixed screens. That’s why the architects of the Scottish Manor chose our retractable door screens – because they were the only solution for the several sets of double doors throughout the home.

French doors with Phantom Screens

No more wee flying critters

Thanks to the charcoal colored fiberglass 18/14 insect mesh chosen by the homeowners, they are able to enjoy the best of summer without being bothered by bugs. Admittedly they’re not plagued by the nasty little midges like the ones in the Scottish highlands, but the mesh is very effective at keeping all the mosquitoes, flies and wasps out of the home.

Matching doors and matching décor

When you’ve created such an extraordinary home, it’s important to choose door screens that won’t detract from the overall look of the building. To complement the luxurious interior style and finishes Orren Pickell Designers & Builders had the screens made with custom colors to blend into the window cladding color so the screens wouldn’t distract from the overall aesthetics and old world theme of the home.

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